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Electronic Greetings Cards by email

You can create and send your own electronic greetings cards by email if you've got an email program which lets you send email with different fonts, text colours and text sizes.To create an electronic greetings card, simply start a new message in your email program and copy into the message portion the image you want, then write the message you want using the email program's facilities to choose font, colour and text size. When you've done, address the message and send it as usual. (Of course, if the recipient doesn't have an email program with these capabilities, they'll just see a plain text email with attachments, so it won't be quite the same...)Most email programs can do all that's needed. Below, we step you through an example using Netscape Messenger.

Please contact us with suggestions if you feel these instructions would benefit from some improvement...

Where to Get Images for Your Electronic Cards

You should be able to use any images available to you that are in .jpg, .gif or other 'internet-friendly' formats.

You should be sure to use only images for which you have permission, of course.

Here's a couple of collections of images. The first collection comprises the preview images of our KivaCards products (fine art photographic greetings cards, downloaded, personalised and then printed by you). The second is our selection of KivaDawgs cards (the lighter side of life - everyday happenstances with a twist, happening to a family of dachshund characters), also downloadable and printable.

We grant you permission to use these preview images for personal, non-commercial use. We'd appreciate it if you indicated in your email greetings card just where you got the image from, and that it is copyrighted. (Including the words "copyright © Kiva Design 1999-2000 • all rights reserved • www.kivadesigngroupe.com" somewhere in your card, in tiny font, will do nicely) Thanks!

We recommend that you open the previews in a new browser window, to save the time needed to reload this page (especially important if you're connected by modem)

Electronic cards are all very well, but you may like to consider sending real, physical cards. These require higher-quality images, which we have. Just download and print on your own printer, using inexpensive card stock available almost anywhere. One low price for as many copies of any card as you want (personal use only) - check out the KivaCards and KivaDawgs pages

KivaCards Images

Mannington Roses
Abingdon and Swan
Abingdon Path
Jon's Window
Plymouth Sailing Boat
Window at the Chateau of Azay-le-Rideau
Colorado Sky
Tree at Sturbridge
Window at the Chateau of Blois
Ducks at Concord
River Scene Near Carlisle
Tequila Jean
Cactus in Flower
San Francisco Sailing Boat
Grand Canal, Venezia, at Dusk
Bridge in Firenze
Fishermen at Grau-du-Roi
Two Swans
Paris Bouquet
Spices at Arles
Eiffel Tower


KivaDawgs Cards
click on title to preview

Bill and Jo finally come upon their favorite sign

Today Ted discovered where the phrase "meaner than a junkyard dog" originated

Time after time something strips Flora's vegetable garden...

Bede decides tonight he no longer wants to be an astronomer...

Ralph and Geraldine are making a list of things to get ready for the next visit...

Oh, no! The Rover's left their gate open and their pet is loose...

Don loves the SuperQuick door closer he installed...

Betty decided to let Calvin sleep...

Mama's words flash into Jon's mind...

I think Mom has been waiting a while

Mama told the kids to take out the trash...


Example - Creating an Email Greetings Card

We'll walk you quickly through how to create an email Greetings Card, using Netscape Messenger on MacOS 9 as an example. First, get your email program to create a new outgoing message: it'll look somewhat like this:

Now choose an image - we'll use the Kiva Design Home image on this page as an example. Click on it, and drag it into the message portion of the outgoing email; it should look somewhat like this:

And now you can use the text tools of the emailer to centre the image and create a colourful message

...and then all that remains is to address the email and send it!