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Saturday 23 December 2000

  • Changed our front page to the Christmas Greeting Card
Sunday 3 December 2000
  • Adjusted the navigation bar on every page
  • Markes some pages as to be removed by year end
  • Uploaded the November 2000 website statistics
Sunday 25 November 2000
  • Uploaded new, carbonised (runs on MacOS and MacOS X) versions of our port of spice3f4
  • Added a Free Electronics Greetings Cards page
  • Became a Google affiliate, and added their searchbox to the navigation panel
  • Adjusted the navigation bar on every page
Sunday 5 November 2000
  • Uploaded October statistics
  • Made minor changes to wording on KivaCards page.
Sunday 1 October 2000
  • Uploaded September statistics
  • Note: KivaPonds has changed direction. Now it is links to other worthy fish/pond sites .

Monday 4 September 2000

  • Added the KivaPonds page, sharing info on pond care and maintenance, and changed the navigation panel on every page to show it 
Sunday 3 September 2000
  • Modified the navigation panel and the GardenTowns download page to make it easier to find out about the GardenTowns products 
Saturday 2 September 2000
  • Affinia announces they're going out of business, so all references are removed. 
Tuesday 8 August 2000
  • Changed the navigation panel 
Friday 4 August 2000
  • Uploaded July site statistics 
Sunday 2 July 2000
  • Modified the 'Home' panel of all the pages so that a site search can be done from any page
Saturday 1 July 2000
  • Modified the 'Home' panel of all the pages with new style and the addition of our privacy policy
Monday 26 June 2000
  • Modified the 'Home' panel of all the pages to summarise our products
Saturday 24 June 2000
  • uploaded Courtesy Hints for Kiva cards, showing how to provide an insert and how to construct envelopes.
  • separated the 1999 updates history to a separate page
Monday 19 June 2000
  • uploaded Bill's Water Tower
  • converted Kiva Frames to Kagi payment
  • uploaded new GardenTowns brochure
  • uploaded initial KivaDawgs page
Sunday 11 June 2000
  • inaugurated new on-line payment scheme via Kagi
  • converted GardenTowns to Kagi payment
  • launched the first KivaCards, and very tasty, too.
  • sundry corrections throughout pages to support new payment scheme
  • May2000 Analog traffic report
Sunday 28 May 2000
  • corrected error on GardenTowns Downloadable Products page which had broken links to the products due to operator incompetence on a Saturday night.
  • added metatags to the various products pages
  • corrected the index pages to remove any mention of photographs
Sunday 28 May 2000
  • added a preview of the KivaDawgs products, with a new page and a new folder in the product files

Sunday 21 May 2000

  • added a preview of the KivaCards products, with a new page and a new folder in the product files
  • removed the Kiva Photographs and Art folder and its contents
Friday 12 May 2000
  • uploaded the Analog report for April 2000
  • edited this page to add the year to every entry
Sunday 7 May 2000
  • inaugurated the SearchButton site-search link
Wednesday 12 March 2000
  • uploaded the March 2000 traffic figures
Sunday 5 March 2000
  • uploaded the February 2000 traffic figures
Sunday 20 February 2000
  • added KivaFrames, our new downloadable product, and rearranged stuff appropriately
  • changed 'about our products' to be a brief intro and signpost to other specific per-product family pages
  • changed the links panel on every page to include KivaFrames
Sunday 13 February 2000
  • revamp of site: removed all frames, put the navigational stuff on each page, added page titles, added more info to the navigational hints (like pointing out the download hints page)
  • linked up to and integrated in our connections to the Affinia on-line store. Depending on merchant, we make a small but much-appreciated amount when you buy stuff through them, provided you went directly there from our site.
Saturday 12 February 2000
  • hooked up NetCenter's HitOMeter site counter for a trial run
Friday 4 February 2000
  • uploaded January stats

Monday 3 January 2000

  • tidied up the About Us page and the Navigation page, removing the notices of best wishes for the new year etc (but not the wishes) and making minor changes to layout
  • uploaded final December site statistics

A New Year (and Century and Millennium) Begins...

For Update Information prior to January 2000, go to Site Updates in 1999