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Thursday 30th December 1999
  • changed the About Us page - removed the Link Exchange Fast Counter, since it really doesn't count anything useful, seems to get what it does count wrong (our visitor counts decreased over time...) and increases page load time
  • uploaded recent site statistics so the curious can see what goes on at the web site, and added links to them from the Web Traffic paragraph on the About Us page.

Friday 24th December 1999

  • added seasonal greetings
  • uploaded really sweet photo of three adorable kittens, at a somewhat higher quality than I intended. Oh well, copyright laws still work (all works on this site are copyrighted)

Monday 8 November 1999

Monday 1 November 1999

  • reworded the software products page both for clarity and to beg for money

Sunday 24th October 1999

  • rearranged the product files directory; now every 'product' type has a subdirectory
  • the Spice software is now in MacBinary (.bin) rather than .hqx form, resulting in somewhat smaller files and faster downloads (~25% smaller & faster)

Friday 22nd October 1999

  • corrected rawconvert source (*stupid* errors)
  • uploaded new version of executable containing spice and rawconvert
  • created smaller version of spice development package (the 'kit') by removing the spice and rawconvert executables

Thursday 21st October 1999

  • modified the Garden Towns brochure to include a mention of software, and fixed (yet again) the mysterious corruption of the link from 'About Our Products' (which seems to delight in putting two 'r's in 'garden')

Wednesday 20th October 1999

  • added the Spice3f4 press release

Sunday 17th October 1999

  • corrected the price list (!), adding the Country House.
  • added Mail Order pages. Now you can shop via snail-mail, if downloading doesn't work or doesn't appeal.
  • provided smaller downloadable versions of 'our'Spice software, with a better copyright notice

Saturday 16th October 1999

  • moved the new versions (8/99 and later) of the Garden Towns products to the normal products directory, making them accessible to everyone.

Sunday 10th-Saturday 16th October 1999

  • uploaded the first software product, a free port of Berkeley's Spice 3f4 for the Macintosh as executable and CodeWarrior Pro 5 project with complete source.

Sunday 26th September 1999

  • removed the vacation warning note since we're back from vacation

Tuesday 31 August 1999

  • provided a new version of the products page, for KivaNews subscribers. The new product versions feature better print/viewing experiences, using just the standard fonts.

Sunday 29 August 1999

  • updated our download hints page, giving a link to the Wilhelm Research .pdf hints-and-tips page.
  • uploaded the draft private page for our KivaNews email list subscribers, who will get to see the new products and the new product versions before hoi polloi

Tuesday 24 August 1999

  • added new Download Hints page, and posted vacation warning (we'll be unable to respond to your email between 4th and 25th of September, but the site should be alive and active while we're away: Downloading will continue to work and snail mail will still carry your valued checks to our bulging PO Box in sunny Cedar Park, Texas)

Monday 23 August 1999

  • improved (we hope) the ordering instructions

Saturday 21 August 1999

  • modified 'about us' by adding the ListBot link to allow subscription to the KivaNews mailing list, and added a link to Garden Railways magazine in our 'news' page

Monday 16 August 1999

  • modified 'about us' by adding the Link Exchange 'Fast Counter' and rearranging the navigational stuff

Monday 19 July 1999

  • modified 'about us' by giving a header to the link banners

Sunday 18 July 1999

  • added the Made-on-a-Mac logo with link

Thursday 1 July 1999

  • now a member of the UK Model Railways Webring

Sunday 27 June 1999

  • new versions of Country Church, Medium Town Buildings and Large Town Buildings
  • new version of the brochure (with photo of actual, built, model)
  • aesthetic changes to the page layout
  • mention of the UK Model Railways Webring