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Wednesday, October 20th, 1999, Cedar Park, Texas

Kiva Design today announces their first software 'product', a MacOS port of the classic Spice electronic circuit simulation program. Spice3f4 is available for free download from the software products page of Kiva's website ( in two versions: one provides the Spice program together with documentation, and the other provides full source structured as a MetroWerks CodeWarrior Pro 5 project, with documentation. The program runs only on PowerPC-based Macs.

The full version is a 3208KB download, expanding to over 10MB of disk space and comprising over 1100 files. The executable-only is 902KB, expanding to a couple of megabytes on disk. Both products are provided as Stuffit 5-compressed files in .hqx format.

The port is extremely straightforward, being the Berkeley Spice3f4 source with minimal changes to allow compilation by CodeWarrior. The user interface is a scrolling window. A utility is provided to take Spice raw format output files and convert them to tab-delimited files suitable for pasting into spreadsheets to allow simple graphing of waveforms. The documentation provided is simply that provided with the Berkeley release, together with some Mac-specific notes - those not already familiar with Spice will undoubtedly want to seek out further documentation.

Kiva's port of Spice3f4 is free, subject only to Berkeley's copyright/intellectual property rules

About Kiva Design

Kiva Design publishes creative intellectual property of its own and of others' devising.

It is a minority-owned company based in Cedar Park, Texas, which is close to Austin. Starting in Massachusetts providing design services to Realtors™, the company changed its focus upon relocation to Texas, now concentrating on design-based products. The Garden Towns series of 1:24 scale building plans suitable for Large Scale and Garden railways was the first product in a family of creative products, from plans to art.

Made on a Mac

Kiva Design uses Macintosh computers exclusively for the preparation and design of their products and their web site. Kiva's port of Spice3f4 was done using sundry versions of MetroWerks CodeWarrior Pro products, while the web site is built using Claris/Filemaker's Home Page.

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