Press Release

Kiva Design Groupe • PO Box 1266 • Cedar Park • TX 78630-1266 • USA


Saturday, May 29, 1999, Leander, Texas

Kiva Design today announces the release of their Garden Towns scale model building plans, intended to appeal to Large Scale model railroaders and others who have a yen to build 1/24th scale buildings. Unusually, these are available from the company's website under a scheme similar to the 'shareware' approach well-known for software products.

There is a full range of Garden Town buildings, including a railway station, a church, a classic little red barn, a variety of buildings typical of a Western town, a selection of houses with varying roof styles, together with outdoor accessories and a wide variety of door and window designs.

The products are available electronically from Kiva Design's website,, as is a comprehensive document detailing the available products.

Shareware, a concept unique to model railroading but long established in the software realm, provides a try-before-you-buy facility for purchasers: the products are freely downloadable, and a purchaser remits the price - none more than $10.00 - after examining the products for a week and confirming that they meet their needs. The products are available as downloadable files in the universal Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, allowing purchasers to print as many copies as they need, at any scale convenient, on their own printers.

While the products are aimed at large-scale model railroaders, they are expected to interest other modellers as well.

Donna Wilson, CEO and founder of Kiva Design said "We think we've found a gap in the large-scale model railroading marketplace. Without question, there's a wide variety of high quality products available for those seeking locomotives, rolling stock and track. But there's much less available for the other vital part - the buildings in the scenery. Some companies offer very high quality models, but these attract rather high prices. We felt that, given basic woodworking skills - say, knowing which end of a saw to hold - very attractive models could be constructed given a little inspiration. And our Garden Towns scale plans offer that inspiration at a very reasonable price".

About Kiva Design

Kiva Design publishes creative intellectual property of its own and of others' devising.

It is a minority-owned company based in Cedar Park, Texas, which is close to Austin. Starting in Massachusetts providing design services to Realtors™, the company changed its focus upon relocation to Texas, now concentrating on design-based products. The Garden Towns series is the first product in a family of creative products, from plans to art.

Made on a Mac

Kiva Design uses Macintosh computers exclusively for the preparation and design of their products and their web site. The Garden Towns plans were constructed using Deneba's Canvas, while the web site is built using Claris/Filemaker's Home Page.