Hints and tips to work with and communicate with a Planet Computers Gemini machine running Sailfish OS

  1. Installing Stuff on Gemini
    1. Planet supply a ‘Flashing Utility’ page with what should be excellent instructions. Basically, hook you Gemini up to your PC (or virtual machine PC - I used Parallels and Win10) and follow the instructions. But what seems to be made insufficiently clear is that you should turn your Gemini OFF before starting, and then plug in the USB cable, and then DO NOT TURN THE THING ON. Not at all.
  2. Sharing Stuff between Mac and Gemini
    1. Set up wifi and get an IP address.
    2. Go to Settings, select Developer Mode. Set Remote Connection. Set a password for SSH and Root Accesss. Note the WLAN IP address
    3. Use on the Mac to connect to the Gemini IP address using SFTP - then it’s easy to move stuff bteween  Gemini and Mac
    4. BBEdit can happily edit files on Gemini via SFTP, too.
    1. No need to do anything special for downloads. They just end up in the Downloads directory. Can be sucked out to a Mac with Transmit.
  4. SD cards
    1. Sailfish doesn’t want to see an insterted SDX card (SanDisk 256GB Class A1). 
    2. The suggestions for formatting as ext4 don’t seem to work:
    3. The Format and Mount commands in Settings don’t seem to work.
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