October Update

October Update

There’s been quite a bit of work to enhance teq since August. The software can now compile ordinary teq programs into a triples form (which has a textual representation we hope will be useful when writing the code generator and in avoiding a linker), and we have made a change to how symbols/variables etc are handled. We have also taken the first steps to specifying implementations.

Here’s a .pdf document with a description of the current situation.

Changes from prior version:

The most significant change is that things like variables, registers, fields etc, all of which need a Symbol to hold their name, no longer have an 'embedded' Symbol in their definition. Rather, the Symbol has one new field, a void * ptr, which points at a separate structure holding relevant information; and that structure has a pointer back to its Symbol.We provide new functions to get the separate structure from a Symbol; this checks the Symbol has the appropriate symclass and subclass.This change was done to help avoid stupid programming errors in treating one sort of structure as another, causing havoc in the symbol tables (when a smallish entity was mistakenly updates as if it were a larger one, bad things happened to memory-adjacent symbols) 


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