We have just received our Planet Computers Gemini; an ARM-based computer with screen and keyboard, extremely reminiscent of a Psion Series 5 machine (and, indeed, with some shared people).

Details at


In short, a 10-core machine (A53s and A72s) with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, enhanceable with up to 256GB SD card, and quad-bootable. 

Ours has the Community Edition of Sailfish OS installed; it’s a Linux with cellphone support (the Gemini is a cellphone, too) and it isn’t Android. If Sailfish turns out to be a Bad Idea, there’s always Debian, and apparently Ubuntu too, one day soonish.

Started a separate page on getting things done with the Gemini. The idea, obviously, is to have the thing be a useful portable demonstrator of the (eventual) Good Stuff on this site, which will mean porting llvm to the machine and building thereon…

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